Wife Killer Fotis Dulos Planned His Suicide With Three People On A Call

Denounced killer Fotis Dulos talked on the telephone with at any rate three individuals on the morning he ended it all, not even once showing that was what he intended to do.

Dulos, blamed for slaughtering his significant other as the couple experienced a turbulent separation, was expected in court on the morning of January 28 and was probably going to see his bond denied. He told a bail bondsman, his legal counselor, and his sweetheart he was preparing to head to Stamford, Connecticut, for the conference, at the same time fastidiously getting ready for his own demise, as indicated by a 19-page police report acquired by the Hartford Courant.

Jennifer Farber Dulos, 51, vanished on May 24, 2019, in the wake of dropping the couple’s five youngsters off at school, as CrimeOnline recently revealed. Her vehicle was found in reconnaissance getting back, and afterward leaving the home a couple of hours after the fact — when police trust Dulos was in the driver’s seat and his significant other’s body was inside, as per court archives.

Dulos hurling junk packs away later on May 24, and police discovered things in them containing DNA from Farber Dulos, Dulos, and his then-sweetheart, Michelle Troconis. Dulos and Troconis were captured the previous summer and again a couple of months after the fact on charges of proof altering. And afterward, on January 7, Dulos was accused of his significant other’s homicide, and Troconis was accused of a tally of trick to submit murder, alongside Kent Mawhinney, a lawyer who in some cases spoke to Dulos in common issues.

On January 28, Dulos was expected in court for a bond hearing after the organization holding his $6 million bonds had said it intended to renounce it. On that morning, his sweetheart Anna Curry, who had been remaining at his Farmington home with him, went out to address a task for him, as per the police report the Courant acquired. Dulos twice called bail bondsman Michael Motuzick getting some information about the chance of Motuzick’s organization assuming control over his bond. The two calls were made at 9:53 a.m. what’s more, 10:34 a.m.

That Dulos sounded like he was in a surge, or exhausted, similar to he was working out. He likewise disclosed to Matuzick he was made a beeline for his lawyer’s office. Dulos’ next call came at 10:45 a.m. to one of his lawyers, Kevin Smith.

Smith said that Fotis had called him and he advised Fotis to hustle just a bit and get down to [Stamford] for the bail hearing at 1200 hours, the police report says. Smith said that Fotis gave no sign that he was going to attempt to end his own life.

At 10:59, Dulos called Curry, revealing to her he expected to leave for Stamford or he’d be late. The two had intended to drive together, however, Curry said Dulos disclosed to her he’d drive alone and could follow. Curry noted that Fotis sounded winded as he was revealing to her this, as indicated by the police report.

Curry showed up back at the house 15 minutes after the fact, not realizing that Dulos was in the carport breathing carbon monoxide. He had stuffed Styrofoam under the carport entryway, evacuated a carbon monoxide finder. also, affixed a hose to his vehicle’s tailpipe with conduit tape, running it into the vehicle.

Motuzick called Dulos at 11:34 a.m. be that as it may, found no solution. After four minutes, Smith called Curry asking where Dulos was. She said he was in front of her, heading to Stamford, however Smith said his GPS screen gave him still in Farmington. She pivoted and headed back, knowing that Fotis more likely than not planned something for hurt himself, as indicated by the police report.

She requested that Smith call 911 and he twice cannot, saying that he would not like to mess more up for Fotis, on the off chance that Fotis had expelled the GPS gadget, as indicated by the report. Smith told police, nonetheless, that it was ludicrous to state he said something like this. Stamford State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo certified Smith’s adaptation, as Smith was in his office during the call.

I heard him tell somebody that the police are as of now on their way to the house, Colangelo said. We were getting refreshes progressively and he knew precisely what was happening.

that Dulos had not shown up in Stamford, with his GPS screen giving him still in Farmington. They called Farmington police, who showed up at 11:57. They discovered Dulos in the carport and called for clinical assistance at 12:03. Soon after that call, Curry showed up, escaped her vehicle, and yelled for somebody to call 911.

Dulos was gray and not breathing when police discovered him, yet EMTs found a heartbeat and surged him to a clinic. He never recovered awareness and was proclaimed dead on January 30. An adjudicator dropped the charges against him in March.

Yet on Friday, agents came back to a home in Avon where the Duloses quickly lived in 2010. Searchers had gotten a warrant to look through the surrendered chateau’s septic tank, as CrimeOnline detailed. There’s been no word on what, on the off chance that anything, was found.


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