5 Things Even Die-Hard Fans Failed To Notice

Even the series showcasing Nobel laureates made some inconsistencies that weren’t noticed by most of the fans. The series focusses on the life of two brilliant physicists who don’t have any sense of social norms while enjoying childish games while excelling in physics.

They have a bunch of brilliant friends, and most of them are oblivious to social norms. The series was brilliantly scripted and well-executed. The series did showcase few things which were not in coherence with their storyline. The series is one of the most-watched sitcoms of all time. So let’s focus on the sloppy paths and see where the series went a bit illogical.

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Five things which a fan may not have noticed

  • One of the most significant inconsistencies in the storyline was with the elevator and the facts regarding the faulty lift. The first season of Big Bang Theory showed that the elevator wasn’t working for the last two years. And here is the inconsistency as the third season showed that the elevator stopped working after Leonard’s failed experiment. So if the elevator wasn’t working, how is it possible that it failed due to Leonard’s trial. Most of us haven’t noticed this intricate detail in the storyline. These are loopholes that can be found in any series, so this isn’t unprecedented or unheard.

  • The second mistake is a blunder as this is related to an intermixing of characters between The Big Bang Theory and the spinoff series, Young Sheldon. The fifth season showed Leonard’s school buddy, who happens to be precisely looking like Sheldon’s father from the Young Sheldon. Lance Barber played both the roles, so this feels awkward to see Leonard’s bully and Sheldon’s dad being played by the same actor. This was noticed by a hell lot of people but anyway this can’t be changed.

  • Penny’s dad’s name changes from Bob to Wyatt. Her father was named Bob in the first season, but eventually, he was addressed with his new name Wyatt. This was a factual error and went mostly unnoticed. So this is something which was not of much relevance. Anyway, Penny’s dad had a small role in the series.

  • Another interesting fact is related to Howard. We saw how Howard bragged about his space trip, and he bragged it for an entire episode. This is a technical error as Astronauts have precise physical specifications. One must be physically fit to go into space. Howard never seems to have the physical ability to survive the tough training which one has to undergo before being okayed for the space trip. He looked terrible in his space training, and we don’t think someone who will trip like Howard will ever go to space.

  • Sheldon is allergic to cats, but in one of the episodes, he was seen playing with them. Now we know that he wasn’t allergic to cats, and he may have lied to Leonard about his allergy to cats, although he was shown as allergic to cats in the spinoff series. So this is a factual inaccuracy and doesn’t hold any meaning.


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