8 Reasons to Learn About Your Family History through DNA Test

Most of us can’t name our great grandparents. They are our fathers and we have their blood, yet we don’t know anything about them. You might have heard elders of your family telling you look like someone. That’s because you share genes with them. It’s their right and your duty to learn about your ancestors.

How to Get Answers to Genetic Ancestry Questions?

Technology has really advanced, and now you can get information about up to fifty generations of your ancestor. Services like CRI Genetics offers accurate information within eight weeks with a money-back guarantee. You would know accurately if your forefathers fought in the army of Alexander the great or lived with Vikings.

Now, why you ask?

Get to Know Your Forefathers

First and foremost reason, you learn about your ancestors. Who they were, where they lived, and what did they do. Were they once Mongol or lived in the ancient tribes of Africa. Whether they were lords of slaves, you would know.

Learn Who You Are

We have an identity that goes beyond just our name. None of us would want to lose our memories. Here is something big that should be a part of your memory about yourself. Are you English, Indian, or Spanish or part of all. One test would confirm many things you already know and add many new things you couldn’t have imagined.

To Preserve Family History

It is your duty to preserve the history of your family. It gives you and all coming generations an identity. I believe it is also the right of our forefathers that we learn and share their information with all their children. You can get a lot of information about the ones that have gone and add data about the ones who still live.

It is a Fun Experience

While some may think of it as an extra expense and effort, you will be fascinated by the things you discover as you start to learn about your past. There might be many things that would shock you, and you could never have imagined them. It’s not for geeks; it’s for everyone who likes to learn about himself while having fun.

You Might Learn Reason behind Your Habits

Do you have some specific sleeping or eating habits? Maybe you are hardcore, or you have a soft heart. All these things can be influenced by genetics. You might learn your great grandmother also loved taking care of plants and trees, and you love gardening too.

To Learn Family Secrets

There could be many things your grandparents of either side might be hiding from you. Who knows one of the grandparents were adopted and you might be thinking that you belong line of those guardian parents. I read in a post of a woman who shared that her grandmother hid the fact they are part German.

The Best Heirloom

People give a ring or a necklace, but there can’t any better heirloom than a book of family history with as detailed information as possible. Your grandkids would learn about the past fifty and more generations. If nothing else, it would at least spark their interest in history class. Imagine studying Napoleon, and a student shares one of his great grandfathers lived in that era and how he moved from one place to another and why. Most of all, you will also get to live forever in their stories.


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