Couples That Separated Before Getting Together

The series based on the book with the same title is doing great in its sixth season too. There have been ups and downs in the lives of daredevils, but not all of them are with us to further add to the story. This is something which has been teasing fans for a while, so here we will be talking about those who could have but couldn’t express their love.

This is something which is the most touching aspect of the series. Fans have witnessed moments of an adrenaline rush, and they have had moments of teary eyes. This is something that is going to be a game-changer for the series as the show advances further.

The couples who couldn’t get together and separated

Octavia & Lincoln

The 100 Season 3 preview: Octavia and Lincoln struggle with where ...
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If you have been watching the series for a while, then you must have known that Lincoln’s death affected the series way more than anybody would have anticipated. The couple had exceptional chemistry and loved to the core, but they couldn’t hold it. This is something that has been haunting the fans, and there was a popular demand to bring him back.

Raven & Finn

Now, this is where the problem began as fans weren’t expecting a love triangle over here. The love triangle between Raven, Finn, and Clark destroyed the essence of love between Raven and Finn. This was something that nobody could have possibly loved. It would have been great if the romance between Raven and Finn had advanced further.

Clarke & Bellamy

They are not couples, but any fan would have loved to see them as one. They are more friends, and trust is the glue that holds them together. This is something that the fans were expecting to grow into a relationship, but this doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. A slight change in the storyline may end up bringing them even closer, but this will take some time. If at all this has to happen, it will be done in the later seasons. Any alteration at this stage can jeopardize the essence of the series.

Octavia & Ilian

The characters of Octavia and Ilian didn’t have much in common and the most disappointing aspect that it happened after Lincoln’s death. The characters were unnecessarily conflated based on their behavior, but this didn’t go well with fans.

There could have been a new character who may have had a romantic relationship with Octavia. But dragging her role with Ilian wasn’t the right decision. The intimate scenes were uncalled for too. This is something that is going to haunt the series for a while, and terminating this relationship will be an excellent choice.

Bellamy & Echo

This is another relationship that was uncalled for, and fans could barely connect to their relationship. They are together, but there is no point in infusing a romantic relationship where there is no scope for it. Fans were expecting a different relationship, and even if it has to happen, there could have been more ways to establish a romantic relationship between them.


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