Demi Moore Joins Michael Bay’s Pandemic Film ‘Songbird’

A thriller Songbird produced by Michael Bay and Demi Moore is the face of new and upcoming pandemic-themed thriller Songbird.

The Cast of the film

The actor is 57 years old, and he will appear in the film on the screen with 48 years old Craig Robinson, 33 years old Paul Walter Hauser, and 66 years old Peter Stormare, according to the headings of the newspaper.

The producer if the film is Michael and he is 55 years old. This film is produced with the partnership of Catchlight Studios and Invisible Narratives.

First movie start working in Hollywood

This movie will be filmed in different locations in Los Angeles. This is the first movie that starts producing after the breakdown of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hollywood was on a standstill due to this corona-virus epidemic.

Demi Moore, Craig Robinson Board Michael Bay-Produced Pandemic ...
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Social distancing

All the movie cast, the production team is following all the rules and norms of social distancing, and director Adam Mason is very strict on practicing the social distancing and also enforce various techniques and strategies for social distancing.  All the producers and filmmaker’s providing training to the Cast and that too online.


The story is all about street-level perceptions, and it revolves around how essential work and vulnerable to attack can overcome various barriers and obstacles just to be with his better half locked inside her home.

The city is divided into two parts; one part is the haves, and the other part is not haves to control the pandemic, and the character of Demi is very much determined to rescue her family from the epidemic. She finds out how to maintain her way of life.

Other upcoming projects

Michael Bay is also producing a movie and sequel of A Quiet Place Part. This is a horror film, and it is co-produced, directed, and written by John Krasinski, and he is 40 years old. He is also played a role in the sequel that is scheduled to release on September 4.


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