Director Joe Alves Talked About The Difficulties He Confronted During The Filming Of Jaws Sequel

The classic film franchise of Jaws left fans both impressed and yet horrified for all the right reasons. The films managed to leave behind a life long impression on movie buffs and remains one of a kind film franchises. Let us take a look at all the details of the iconic film and the process that went into it.

Joe Alves Recalls Some Of The Most Difficult Moments Of Making The Jaw Sequels!

However, director Joe Alves has recently recalled the hard work and extreme dedication that went into these films, Alves had to make a rather mechanical shark named Bruce after Steven Spielberg’s lawyer!

The Makers Had To Do Extreme Hard Work For The Shark Part Of The Film.

While the task was surely not an easy one with no other production having it done before and even the studio department pretty much, we’re not on board with the whole idea saying they couldn’t do it in such a small period and will need almost a year to execute it.

Moreover, Universal Production also asked Alves to take it off the lot, Alves soon got back to work and even assembled a team for it. With such a limited time frame, it seems like time was not on their side, it seems. Alves says that we don’t realize that there can be a problem unless one works for it.

The Ocean And The Salt Water Also Posed As A Huge Obstacle!

After discovering that saltwater is not the right place for electrical stuff, they surely learned it the hard way, and after the whole saltwater mishap, they had to redo the entire thing. After almost 104 days, the crew was pretty much exhausted by all the hard work.

The whole team was creative enough, and the whole thing finally did fall into place, and fans got a rather iconic film of all time. The film was not only appreciated doe the plot which was pretty scary but also the technical team surely did an excellent job, and so did Bruce! He surely did scare us all!


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