Filming For Season 5 Part 2 Will Resumes In October 2020

Lucifer is a devilish T.V. show which is working its way to back on the T.V. on our screens and that too very soon. The creators” stop the production because of the coronavirus pandemic, and now the situation is under control, they are all set to back with a bang.

Get some idea from the twitter posts of showrunner.

In this week only, the runner of show Ildy Modrovich twitted on the twitter and gave a hopeful message to all her fans and fellow cast and members of the crew with the photo of all crew members and cast that she missed this family and she is hoping to see her this family very soon.

Star cast of Lucifer

The star of Lucifer is DB Woodside tweeted on the same post of Ildy Modrovich and reassure that they are coming back to all their impatient fans by writing: “Dear #Lucifans Good things are happening. Pls, continue to be patient.” Let’s hope that the wait won’t be for much longer.”

Lucifer Season 5
Source: H.N. Entertainment

Joe Henderson gave some hints to fans

Till then, we can investigate what we can expect from season part 2 of Lucifer. In the previous month, the fellow showrunner of Ildy Modrovich, Joe Henderson, gave some hints to fans by teasing them by posting a picture from the sets of Lucifer. He uploaded a picture on his twitter Of Lucifer stars, Tom Ellis and Lauren German and a written caption; “My #lastnormalphoto is from the set on #Lucifer. We shut down production soon after, but God what a gorgeous day (and @LaurenGerman & @tomellis17 ain’t so bad either).”

But it does not give us much hint, but the fantastic thing about the picture is the location. The actors are sitting in a garden, and the garden is looking heavenly. Does he provide a hint that season 5 of Lucifer will be shot in Eden garden?

The release date is based on the L.A. situation.

However, the filming date and time is based on the ongoing situation in L.A. that has increased in the number of cases in recent days. Many shows are going to be premiered in July and August. So we can hope that this season of Lucifer can be released by August, but it is not confirmed yet and depend on the situation.


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