Harry Potter Fame Daniel Radcliffe Opens About Some Shocking Revelations

Daniel Radcliffe is an excellent actor who is well known for the Harry Potter movies. When he got the role of the Wizard, he was a child, and the first movie was released in the theaters in 2001. Then for the next ten years, he performed the main lead in seven sequels. With Harry Potter, he earned fame and became one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

But the star has gone through a lot earlier. Recently he talked about some shocking things which he faced when he was filming for the Harry Potter movies. So keep reading and know everything regarding it here:

Daniel Radcliffe Battle With Alcoholism

The star himself confessed that he was addicted to alcohol when he used to shoot for the Harry Potter films. Earlier, Radcliffe opened up about the link between Harry Potter and his addiction to alcohol. He also said that he got panic about now what he would do after the end of the Harry Potter movies.

But the star became sober in 2010, a year before the last Harry Potter movie was released in the theaters. But the star managed to get good roles and gives excellent performances in many films like Now you see me two and Guns Akimbo.

Daniel Radcliffe
Source: Hindustan Times

Daniel Radcliffe Getting Intimate With Harry Potter Fans

Earlier, the star also made the big revelation that he even slept with her fans when he was struggling with the addiction of alcohol. He claimed that after drinking, he had no idea what was happening, and he got blackout. But now he is settled with his girlfriend Erin Darke and isolating together during the coronavirus lockdown.

Will We See Daniel Radcliffe As Harry Potter Again?

During an interview with Variety earlier, the star openly shared details if he will return as Harry Potter or not. According to him, he will not come back to play the Wizard character again. He said in a statement:

‘I don’t believe so. I don’t want to state no to things, but it’s not something that I’m racing to do. I believe as those movies have moved on and they’re doing just excellent without us. I’m glad to keep it that way. I love what my life is now.’


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