HBO Max Receiving Negative Responses On Social Media After Planning To Remove DC Movies Soon

WarnerMedia Entertainment recently comes up with its new streaming service called HBO Max. It was started on May 27, 2020. It includes a variety of contents that also contains third-party content. The streaming giant also adds DC movies and shows. Now some fans are getting angry as HBO Max is removing the DC films. So keep reading for knowing everything about it.

HBO Max Removing DC Movies

It was earlier announced that HBO Max would include plenty of content from DC. It also helps in attracting many viewers on the new streaming service. Recently it is revealed that the streaming giant will remove half of the DC movies from the next month. The movies which are leaving, their description also displays that they are available until July 1, 2020.

These are the movies which will leave HBO Max from the beginning of July: Batman,
Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Batman Returns, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Catwoman, Justice League, Steel, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, etc.

Source: SazNewsPro

Fans Getting Angry Over HBO Max’s Decision

When fans heard about this thing, they got furious, and then HBO Max received backlash on social media. They feel like the streaming service has cheated them. Then they shared their opinions on Twitter and also compared the new streaming service to Disney+.

One of the users named Animated Antic said that ‘I don’t realize why HBO Max is doing this. Disney+ was clever to store them up all their movies all year approximately. If HBO Max drops subscribers cause of this, I wouldn’t be shocked.’

HBO Max Will Rotate The DC Movies

So after getting negative responses from the audiences, the streaming giant said that they would rotate the DC movies. HBO Max has planned to rotate DC movies, and it will change each month. An executive of HBO Max also said in a statement:

‘We have a bunch of DC movies that will rotate on the service. We have a new batch arriving in July and then another batch appearing in August. And I have just verified that the batch that is on right now will be coming back.’


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