Here's The Reason Behind Angelina Jolie Named Her Elder Daughter Shiloh

Celebs often love to give their kids some unique name and making it to the headlines. We know so many celeb kids with names that are not of a kind and has a story behind it. Fans are wondering the same for yet another celebrity kid and it seems like we might have the answer.

Angelina Jolie Talks About One Of Her Kids Name As The Story Behind It! Here’s What We Know.

While the Jolie- Pitt kids have been subjected to various unique patenting ideas, Angelina Jolie has recently talked about it at length. The eldest biological daughter of ex-couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt goes by the name Shiloh. While some might think it is just a beautiful name which is also Biblical by coincidence, that is surely not the case at all!

There Is Actually To Stories On Why The Eldest Daughter Is Named Shiloh!

In an exclusive interview with Vanity fair, the Maleficent star revealed the story behind the name and it surely is interesting. Apparently, the actress used to use this name when she used to go under it in hotels! She used to go by the name of Shiloh Baptist whenever she used to check-in hotels! Well, there’s another story too.

Moreover, Angelina’s parent we’re also planning to name the same to their first child. However, there was sadly a miscarriage. She talked more about it while opening up about her six kids and how she wants them to teach about all the religions. This will broaden their perspectives.

The Actress Also Talks About One Of Her Unique Parenting Idea As Well.

The actress also recalled how Bead Pitt once gifted her a bookshelf with books about every religion. Jolie also wishes to educate their kids on every religion possible. They pretty much go to temples and to the church and are keen to celebrate the ethnicity attached to it. Angelina Jolie says that the six of her kids has the liberty to puck or know about all the religion possible! Well, that sure is a unique style of parenting and a good one too!


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