Is There Any Chance For The Season 5 Renewal?

Popular teen drama series 13 Reasons Why just dropped the latest fourth season on Netflix and while a lot has happened, fans are wondering whether it is the last time they are reliving the moments with Liberty Gang High. Let us look into the details given further.

Is There A Possibility Of 13 Reasons Why Season 5 Or Not? Here’s What We Know.

Fans were quick to notice that the fourth season only had ten instead of the usual thirteen episodes. This is making fans question the possibility of yet another season maybe? However, it seems like there is some heartbreak of news ahead for fans. It seems like the end is nearer than expected.

The Show Is Wrapped Up After The Fourth And Final Season. Have a Look.

The show creators have earlier announced that it was a collective decision that the fourth season will be the last one for the Liberty Gang High. The official Twitter page has also shared a video with a caption that pretty much summed up the announcement of the fourth season being the last one. Take a look at the nostalgic short teaser was the case member meeting up and are in tears thus bidding their farewell. Have a look.

In the video released on Twitter some of the cast members are tearing up while they have come together for a table read. The showrunner Brian Yorkey later explained that it is a logical idea to bring these characters to their graduation. Even some of the cast members agree to it.

The Showrunner Has Explained The Ending And Why It Was Important?

According to the showrunner, it is logical enough to to.end the story with graduation. Even cast member Kate Walsh, who plays the role of Olivia somewhat agrees with the showrunner and believes that it is a good thing that the show is brought to a rather natural ending. So, for now down forget to watch the last and final season as the characters entertain us for one last time. Moreover, the last season is full of twists and turns that you cannot afford to miss.


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