Is There Any Possibility Left For A New Season? Know Here

It’s been almost thirteen years since the hit animated series Teen Titans aired the last episode only never to return again. However, the overwhelming fanbase of the show has been hopeful enough for a return, but no possibilities are looking healthy enough. However, there might be some new development on this front that might interest fans!

Is Teen Titans Returning After Such A Long Hiatus? Here’s What We Know.

The series last aired and ended with season 5, and the season 6 was nowhere to be seen. This made fans take matters on their own hand by making their voices heard with an online petition. However, the petition itself gained attention and momentum two years after the petition actually took place.

The Fans Have Started An Online Petition To Revive The Hit Animated Series.

The fans are appealing for the sixth season from Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and DC Entertainment. Fans are looking forward and asking these three network giants to resurrect the show, with the original cast itself. Fans would like to see more of this show, and the petition is evident enough to speak of the show’s massive popularity.

One loyal fan has justified the petition by saying that the show was suddenly canceled without any proper closure. Moreover, many questions went unanswered with a rather abrupt end. While there was another series titled Teen Titans Went back in 2013, it was not exactly what fans we’re looking forward to and, thus, failed to fill in the gap.

The Petition Might Make The Studio Renew The Show After All!

While the petition has not to recover any update from any of the studio, the recent launch of Disney+ has made fans a bit more hopeful as they are reviving several old shows and series. Sam’s will. Be elated of Teen Titans is one of the recently rescued projects under the Disney banner. We sure hope the studio giants give a fitting response to the petition, and renewal is on the way! While several.other films and series have been welcomed thanks to an online appeal, this one can also be the lucky series as well.


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