Jamie Foxx As Mike Tyson! 5 Things We Know So Far

Jamie Foxx updated the fans on his new workout pattern and the result he is getting after that. He will be playing the role of legendary boxing juggernaut Mike Tyson. He is one of the most iconic boxers to have stepped in the ring and has fans across the globe.

There are plenty of documentaries on Mike Tyson, but this time a film can show a more audience compatible version of his life. His life is an inspiration to millions of fans across the globe. He has changed the face of boxing in the country and elsewhere. A movie on him will be a tribute to his role in augmenting the game of boxing and making it popular.

It’s a long tradition for actors to shape their bodies as per the need of a script, but this time things aren’t going to be the same. This time the physical appearance will have a lot of emphasis on the movie as Mike Tyson had an exceptional physique. This is going to be an uphill task for the actor and producer to strike the perfect balance between acting and appearance.

Jamie Foxx Transforms into Mike Tyson for Upcoming Biopic | PEOPLE.com
Source: People

Five things you must know if you are planning to binge-watching the movie

  • Jamie Foxx has been attached to the movie since 2014, and it’s a long period. He has been associated with the film, but the fans got a hint of this news only after the cast was announced. At one point, Martin Scorsese was rumored to be playing Mike Tyson, but nothing substantial happened in this regard. Amid the workout update on Instagram by Jamie, it can be ascertained that he will be playing the role of Mike Tyson in the upcoming biopic.

  • Jamie Foxx has updated on his Instagram that he is focussing more on pull-up-dips and push-ups. This indicates that he is working more on his shoulder and arms, which is of paramount importance for a professional boxer. This is something that has made a claim substantial that he will be the one in the biopic.

  • Mike Tyson’s life has been full of ups and downs. He has several accolades in his bag, but there is criticism too. He was born in a poor family and raised to the zenith of success in the boxing world and has the distinction to unify WBC, WBA, and IBF boxing titles even before he was 20.

  • His downturns are sharp too. He was convicted for rape in the 90s and thus prisoned for three years. This is something which is going to show his tough times and how he fell from the zenith of stardom to the rock bottom of criticism.

  • Jamie Foxx is the perfect choice for playing Mike Tyson on screen as he is also 52years old and just one year younger than Mike Tyson. So this is going to help Jamie understand Mike’s character in a more obvious way. It will be an exciting biopic, and once the release date is declared, we will update the page.


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