Justin Didn’t Deserve To Die! Here’s Why

One of the most intriguing youth-oriented series has finally come to an end with 13 Reasons Why airing the last season. The series highlighted those elements of the series, which most of the youth-oriented series refrained from doing.

It showed the psychiatric whereabouts of the youth, and there is not one but many aspects which the series has touched upon. The contemporary teenager suffers from a lot of physical and mental abuse in their teenage, and most of them are suppressed under the veil of societal norms. This series has shown instances of substance abuse, homicide, suicide, etc.

13 Reasons Why Season 4:

The most heartrending moment came when Justin died because of his ailing health, and fans weren’t expecting such a slow and painful death. Some options might have been explored to avert Justin’s death, but at the end of the day, we have to accept what has been shown to us. Justin Foley’s (Brandon Flynn) final moments brought extreme sorrow and despair. You must have seen those moments with teary eyes.

13 reasons why
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Fans took it to social media to criticize the ending of 13 Reasons Why. Although there is no doubt that there were ample opportunities to save Justin’s character from dying, there has been a dark side to the series since the time of its inception.

Why Justin Didn’t Deserve To Die

It was inevitable that the last season will also show death, and we saw friends at a funeral, but nobody could have possibly thought that it’s going to be Justin’s funeral. It all started at the prom when Justin fell on the dance floor while dancing with his girlfriend, Jessica Davis. He was rushed to the hospital and then shifted to ICU when his condition worsened. He was later diagnosed with HIV positive.

Later he contracted AIDS because of lack of treatment as we all know how deadly HIV-AIDS is and how it can ruin one’s immune system. Despite being put on a ventilator, he showed no signs of improvement and slowly slipped into the arms of death. This was indeed a sad moment for the fans as he didn’t even complete his high school before succumbing to such a deadly disease.

Other Major Updates

But there is a leeward side to the way story has been presented. The show is well known to go beyond what the society has taught us, and here the series failed miserably. The stigma related to HIV-AIDS is already high, and people see it as a taboo. This is a deadly disease, but there is ample scope for recovery.

There is no reason for the series to accentuate the stigma related to such a disease as there is treatment available for those who are diagnosed with HIV-AIDS in early stages. This is something that is going to haunt the producers for a while as they deviated from de-stigmatizing the taboos. This is something that they should have thought as it would have given a better message to society.


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