Netflix Gets Sued For Millie Bobby Brown’s Starring Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown has shot to the zenith of popularity with her successful sitcom Stranger Things. It has been a great journey so far, and fans are waiting for the fourth season of Stranger Things. It is something that is going to bring her character to a new level, and fans have a hell lot of expectations from her as she plays a pivotal role in the series.

Fans were encouraged to know that she will be the part of another movie, and this is something that cheered the fans. She is going to play the character of the third sibling of Sherlock Holmes. We have already seen Mycroft and Sherlock. This time fans were expecting to see the sister Enola Holmes.

What’s the issue with the new movie starring Enola Holmes?

The novel authored by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had accentuated to a new level when TV series and movies were made on his globally known novel based on the character of Sherlock Holmes. Many movies and TV series have been made, but this time a different approach was sought to make a movie on the life of Enola Holmes.

Conan Doyle Estate Sues Netflix Over Coming Movie About Sherlock ...
Source: Hollywood Reporter

It is something that is going to bring a hell lot of trouble if the lawsuit progresses. Lawsuits have previously ruined movies, and if there is any copyright infringement, then it’s going to be a big deal for the fans and the producers.

What’s the lawsuit is all about?

First things first, the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is split into two parts as they were written in two different phases of his life. The first set of novels that began with 1887 novel A Study in Scarlet are largely free from any sort of copyright violation. These novels don’t have copyright issues as they are in the public domain. But the problem begins with those novels which released from 1923-27. Those novels which released from 1923-27 are property of Doyle estate.

The second set of novels written after the end of the first world war. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lost his brother and son in the war. So the next set of novels came between 1923-27. Thus the lawsuit is premised on the fact that later works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are property of Doyle estate.

Anything taken from these novels will amount to copyright infringement as per the Doyle estate. So this is something which has been bothering the producers as they have asked for payment of damages. Now the matter is before the court, and they are the ultimate authorities to give a judgment in this regard.

There is a caveat to the plea as the storyline of the movie has adapted the novel series by Nancy Springer. This is something which is going to be a bone contention on the end of plaintiffs as they haven’t objected to these novels. Once the details are updated, we will post a new set of information.


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