Party Watch Features - How To Watch Movies With Your Friends

During these difficult times, a lot of people feel lonely because of quarantine and social distancing. Even little activities like watching a movie at home with your friends are not accessible anymore. Certain apps allow you to share your screen or even message during the time you watch a film, but it can still lack the all-important social aspect. However, it seems that technology has come to the rescue once more, offering some brand-new must-try features!

Hulu’s Party Feature – And The Catch!

Hulu has a new feature called Watch Party, that allows members to watch their favourite TV series or films together, while they are all connected as a group in a chat room. Watch parties are now a new trend, because it gives people exactly what they need: to connect with their families and friends at a safe distance. However, the services that permit watch parties tend to be offerings from third parties.

Hulu became a pioneer in the streaming industry, being the first to really invest in this new option. However, it’s not widely available for now, being exclusive only to web users that are subscribed to the more expensive ad-free Hulu plan. Hulu states that “thousands of movies and shows” are available, which most certainly means that there are still some titles that need to be added.

The subscribers will have a “Watch Party” icon that has details of the selected movie. If the button is available, the next step is quite easy, just copy the link and send it to your friends. The prerequisite is that the person receiving the link must have an add-free membership on Hulu. 

They have a few other features, such as the option of joining the group chat, and discussing with your friends while watching the movie. Users can pause and play their video but they can also sync with the other members by clicking the “Click to Catch Up” option.

Even though Hulu is the first streaming service to implement a party watch feature, it is a great start and only reasonable to expect more platforms with similar functions coming up soon. Watch parties are certainly a very good idea for those who miss socializing, and it can bring a lot of benefits and new members to streaming websites. 

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that allows you to watch videos and chat with your close ones at the same time. It is not as new as Hulu, but it is definitely worth checking out. For all best streaming offers, StreamingWars comes with highly competitive discounts and all the latest news. 

There are a few steps that need to be taken in order to use this extension. First, both you and the other watchers need to log onto Netflix using your own personal accounts. Choose any of the Netflix movies or TV shows, such as Stranger Things or perhaps a comedy to share with your friends, and Netflix Party will do the rest by syncing the video to all of the accounts. From there, you can watch the movie in real time as well as enjoy the group chat option on the side of the stream, allowing you to comment on the movie or just chat. This is a great feature as research demonstrates that social interaction can have numerous health benefits

How To Use Netflix Party

  • Download and install the extension.

  • Log in to your Netflix account, and select your film or series.

  • Next to your address bar, you will have a Netflix Party extension icon that has now changed to red, initially being grey. Select the icon.

  • Instructions for how to create a Netflix Party will now pop in a new window. You will have two choices here, to either have full control of the playback or leave it available to everyone else. After making your selections, select “Start the party”.

  • A second window will appear with a link for your movie party, which you need to give to your friends for them to join you. This link can be found again by clicking the extension icon.

  • You can personalize your Netflix extension icon and change your nickname.

How To Join A Netflix Party

  • Click the link received.

  • Click the icon that says “Netflix Party”.


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