Shows You Can Watch If You Loved Alicia Sierra In Money Heist

Najwa Nimri, who played the role of Alicia Sierra, is your obsession?? Hmmm, in that case, we can understand as she has every quality to have a crush on her. She is one of the most liked actors from the worldwide hit series “Money Heist” and this is something which has skyrocketed her fanbase. She is a terrific actor, and fans loved her art in the series.

Now they want to know the details of other series and movies where she has acted. She is a Spanish actor, so she has been mostly working in Spanish films and sitcoms. Thankfully we have the option of subtitles as it will be impossible for a non-Spanish person to watch a Spanish series or movie.

Alicia – or should we call you Tatiana? Everything 'Money Heist ...
Source: Film Daily

Her acting career has skyrocketed, and now she features among the top 500 actors in the IMDBs list. This is a great accomplishment for the series and Najwa Nimri too. So let’s dive into the Najwa Nimri’s world and see which movies and sitcom you can watch.

Locked Up

This is not the original name of the sitcom; in Spanish, it is Vis a Vis. (face to face.) the storyline is pivoted around a character named Saray, who was jailed for the crimes committed by her boss, who also happens to be his boyfriend.

This leads to a series of events in the jail, and she finds a rough road ahead. In this series, Najwa Nimri is playing the role of Zulema. If you want to see her work, you are going to get plenty of it as she features in all the four seasons, which has been aired as of now. You can watch the series on Netflix, and the best part is that the series has English subtitles.


An excellent movie which is premised on a group of people stranded on an island. One of the people is an author, and he finds it astonishing that his book is precisely coinciding with his real life. In the movie, Najwa Nimri plays the role of Elena. This movie can be rented, and the only thing you need to take care of is that the subtitles should be in English.

Quién te Cantará

Let’s translate the title for you, and it turns to “Who will sing for you?”. The movie is premised on an exciting storyline where Najwa Nimri plays the role of Lila, who is an accomplished singer. She is tired of the stardom, and she seeks solace in the company of a fan. Her fan teaches her to live her life again amid the fact that she is suffering from amnesia in the movie. This movie is available on Netflix.

Lovers of the Arctic Circle

The Spanish title of the movie is “Los Amantes del Círculo Polar”. In this movie, Najwa Nimri has a relatively short role as her character’s different stages are shown. The film is only available at movie streaming site Mubi.


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