Snyder’s Cut First Teaser Is Finally Out! Watch Here

Die-hard fans of DC are eagerly waiting for Justice League: Snyder’s Cut. The original movie was failed at the box office and faced a lot of criticism. Now HBO Max released a brand new teaser for the Snyder Cut. Here’s everything which you should know regarding it:

Teaser Released For Justice League: Snyder’s Cut

Zack Snyder recently dropped the epic teaser of his cut of Justice League. The teaser reveals the first look of the supervillain Darkseid. He was supposed to feature in the 2017 Justice League, but his scene was cut from the film, which was the biggest mistake.

At the beginning of the teaser, we can see Wonder Woman in a cave, and when she looked at some kind of art of Darkseid, she got scared. Then we noticed the grand look of Darkseid. Here’s the teaser:


When Will Justice League: Snyder’s Cut Release On HBO Max?

This year, Warner Bros. confirmed that Snyder Cut is finally happening, and the DC fans got very excited about it. There is some work left on it to finish it, so the original post-production crew members and the actors will reunite for it.

Justice League: Snyder’s Cut is slated to release on HBO Max in 2021. It will be a four-hour-long film or many TV episodes. We will also get more updates regarding the recut film in the upcoming DC event of FanDome. So the event will happen virtually on 22 August 2020 that is free for everybody.

Other Details For Justice League: Snyder’s Cut

Original Justice League was failed because Zack Snyder had to leave the project at the moment of post-production because his daughter died. Then Warner Bros. appointed Joss Whedon to complete the film that was the biggest mistake. After the movie was bombed, the rumors of the Snyder’s cut, which involves the never seen before scenes, began circulating everywhere. After that Snyder also confirmed its existence but Warner Bros didn’t verify about it at that moment

After the fans and cast members of the movie campaigned on social media, Warner Bros. decided to give the green light to the Justice League Snyder Cut.


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