The Last Kingdom Season 5: Who Will Return And What Will Happen In New Season?

The popular medieval drama series The Last Kingdom just aired on Netflix with a brand new fourth season, and now fans are anxious to know whether a width season is happening after all? Well, we might have some leads on that!

Is Popular Netflix Series The Last Kingdom Going To Return For Season 5? Here’s What We Know.

Executive producer Nigel Marchant has opened up about the possibility of a fifth season, saying that they surely are hopeful for a fifth season, and they want to tell a story throughout all the various seasons. While the fifth season is a long way until the streaming giant makes any official announcement, here’s a video of the behind the scenes fun! Have a look.


There are Several Loose Ends That Makes The Fifth Season Return All The More Obvious.

With the executive producer being hopeful enough, we are sure that there might be a fifth season happening after all. The series has maintained an excellent fanbase over all these seasons, and another season has high chances of happening. If a fifth season is happening, after all, there will also be ten episodes as expected.

Moreover, the writers have to return somehow and solve the biggest cliffhanger of Aelswith being poisoned by the evil Aethelhelm. Will she survive the poisoning or not? Eliza Butterworth, who plays the role, has also maintained suspense, saying that it might be sad to let her character go or not! So, she might not return in the fifth season after all! That’s what we need to know in the fifth season of the medical drama.

Is Aelswith Going To Bid Us All Goodbye In The Fifth Season Or Not?

Moreover, there a lot to see, and the story will continue with Uhtred’s children, with Stiorra being teamed up with a Viking warrior! While the Saxon Royals were left in a state of chaos and turmoil back in Winchester, the fifth season will surely return to that part of the story. So, with all these unanswered questions left behind, fans are looking forward to another season as the fate of the royal of this kingdom is still left undecided.


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