When Will The Drama Movie Release After The Delay?

In the same of the current turn of events, many production companies and studios are not with many options but to take critical measures at this point. It seems like yet another film has been postponed for a later release, and the wait is going to be longer than expected.

The Artist’s Wife Has Been Pushed For A Later Release At The Box Office. Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, keeping the whole ongoing pandemic attack in mind, Strand Releasing and Water End production had to post one the domestic release of the upcoming film, The Artist’s Wife, while the film was initially slated for an April release it has been delayed and might be released later this year.

The Film Is About An Artist And His Battle With Dementia. Have a Look.

The film revolves around an artist named Richard, and while he is suffering from the onset of dementia, we get to look at his wife Claire’s struggles to come in terms with this situation. The film teases the raw and beautiful feeling of love and hopes, especially when one is in a rather tricky situation. Take a look at the trailer to know more about the film that is creating a stir amongst fans.


Tom Dolby, who is the director of the film, has opened up about this decision made regarding the delay. Dolby explains that it is important for people to watch this film in a group setting. They will release the film and are quite enthusiastic about it once the time is right. Lena Olin and Bruce Dern are starring in the film as the lead actors.

Many Big Tent Pole Movies Are Awaiting For A Proper Release In The Coming Time.

Many films have been pushed for a later release and will be hitting the theatre once things get back to normal. However, this film has a special reason behind its a theatrical release and will supposedly take as much time needed for a proper box office release it seems. So fans have to wait for a while as studios release the film when the time is right.


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