Why The Big Bang Theory Season 13 Won’t Happen Ever

The Big Bang Theory is indeed one of the most-watched series of all the time, and this is something that is going to haunt all the fans who were eagerly waiting for the 13th season. It has been a great series, and it was able to cater to a large fanbase, and this is something that is going to hurt the fans.

Know About The Series

The series was doing good, and there was no reason whatsoever to discontinue the series. But the lead character of the series, Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper, was in no mood to continue with the series. It’s not like that as if he had any issues with the series, instead he decided on one odd day.

The series is depicting the life of two socially awkward brilliant physicists with a bunch of nerd fans. This is something that sets the tone of the series. The decision to discontinue the series was Jim Parson’s personal decision, and he lost he connect with the series. He decided as he didn’t feel like doing the series again.

Yes, It's Happening! The Big Bang Theory Season 13 Confirmation ...

There wasn’t a personal issue for him or with anybody from the cast or the production team. It was just one odd day it occurred to him that he won’t be able to do the next season. He felt that the possibility of exploring more from the big bang theory was complete, and there was no point in extending the series endlessly.

What’s The Cast Update

Jim Parson was an incredible part of the series, and when he decided to hang his boots, the producers didn’t feel like continuing with the series. It was better for the series to end its journey than continuing without Jim Parson. Jim Parson’s action and his presence made the series what it was, and he was the fulcrum around which the load was balanced.

The end of the journey left many fans disappointed, but the whole team did incredible work, and the show was on air for the last twelve years. Even Jim Parson was of the point of view that it was getting too much for him to continuously play the role of Sheldon Cooper.

Other Major Updates

The series did an incredible job by keeping the spirits high for twelve years, and there was no point in continuing when one of the lead characters wasn’t in the mood to continue with the series. The series started with three characters at the beginning, namely Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny. Later on, new characters were added with Bernadette and Amy joining the series. Howard and Rajesh played by Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar.

The series continued for more than a decade, and the success can be ascertained from the fact that it had a viewership of 18million. The season finale ended on a sad note, and fans were left with a teary eye, and the mere fact that this show won’t return forever disappoint the fans even more. Everything has to end no matter how much we love it, so time to cherish the great scientists of The Big Bang Theory.


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