Why Has He Been Fired From Flash

Recent events have triggered a debate on racism, equality, and the liberal ideas on which the country works. This is something which hasn’t been seen a while, and people are furious over the death of Mr. Floyd. Since then, celebs around the world have came stood with the deceased in solidarity.

This is something which has restarted the debate on all sort of inequalities prevailing in our society from time immemorial. So what happened with Actor Hartley Sawyer? Well, his misogynist and rather racist tweets from past have surfaced, and he was immediately fired from Flash.

A series of screenshots were shared on twitter where it can be seen that Actor Hartley Sawyer has been making racially motivated comments. This is unacceptable at any rate, and it is beyond imagination to tolerate such tweets in the name of Freedom of Speech.

Hartley Sawyer Still Has Some Fans' Support | The Mary Sue
Source: The Mary Sue

These tweets were made before he joined the series, but the extent of misogyny in these tweets amounts to harassment. The tweets contained references to sexual assault and contained racist elements. The tweets also included homophobic items that are annoying and unacceptable.

Although his tweeter account is deleted, the old screenshots have emerged. This was aggravated because of the nationwide protest against the May 25 killing in Minneapolis. There is an official statement in this regard which states, “Hartley Sawyer will not be returning for season seven of The Flash.” The report further clarifies on their stand on these tweets from the past where Hartley Sawyer did such tweets.

The statement further reads, “In regards to Mr. Sawyer’s posts on social media, we do not tolerate derogatory remarks that target any race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation. Such remarks are antithetical to our values and police, which strive and evolve to promote a safe, inclusive, and productive environment for our workforce.”

Even the lead actor Grant Gustin made statements on this, and he said that these words were shocking and saddening at the same time. He also emphasized that words do matter. Even the showrunner made a strong statement, and she posted it on twitter.

Wallace used strong words to register disagreements with the racially motivated tweets from Hartley Sawyer. Wallace even went on to the extent that it is unacceptable to see brown and black people facing the brunt of racism. At times the area of racism leads to fatality.

Tweeter users were also hurt by seeing the racially motivated tweets from an actor like Hartley Sawyer. It is high time to make some substantial societal change to bring a holistic change in the way people treat each other.

Hartley joined the series in 2017 as Ralph Dibny. Now that the debate is getting hot, it is high time to introspect the reasons behind these comments. Hartley’s remarks were unacceptable, and he was rightly fired from the series. The best part is that the production team and the rest of the cast showed the guts to call out the emperor’s new clothes.


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