Will Robert Downey Jr Return In The MCU? Check Here All The Possibilities

While movie buffs were drowning in pools of tears when Iron Man died and bid a permanent farewell to all the MCU fans. It was pretty much the end of Tony Stark and a new team is now in the making to take the legacy ahead.

Is Tony Stark Going To Return In The Marvel Universe? Here’s What We Know.

However, with Marvel and their fascination with alternate universes, Tony Stark might have the slightest chance of returning after all. In the Marvel Universe, not all hope is gone as Stark might be very much alive in yet another universe for sure.

Robert Downey Jr. Might Have Teased The Possibility Of His Return In MCU.

Robert Downey Jr. who has established his name as Iron Man has talked about his potential return in length saying that Marvel is on this journey where they are trying out different things and he is pretty much excited to see how all of that goes. The actor further says that there’s still a lot of stuff they want to do.

While Marvel is busy with their Phase 4 films and series, it might be not soon that fans are going to see Tony Stark anytime soon. With the new team and other films and Disney+ series on the line, Tony Stark might have to wait a while for his appearance which not be happening anytime soon. For now, the actor is experimenting with other roles like the famous classic character of Dr. Dolitle. However, we do miss Tony Stark and his humor for sure.

Fans Hs Also Come Up With Some Crazy Theories Regarding Iron Man’s Return.

However, fans are speculating the different ways through which his appearance can be made possible. While it was rumored that a new Avengers team is in the making, Tony Sark might reappear through flashbacks or memories. Although the most popular fan theory has been the use of Hologram to be the man back. This can also mean that he won’t actually return but will have a rather virtual presence. Fans might be happy with that presence which will still mean a lot.


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