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As we all know that the kissing booth 1 is a great movie to watch, and now the fans are waiting for part 2, and they want to know some of the interesting facts about kissing booth part2. This movie has several reasons to love by the audience and the fans. The film has a great cast, and all should watch this cast team.

It is a 2020 American movie; this movie is based on teen romantic comedy. This is t6he reason why all adults and the young generation want to watch this movie. The film was directed by the great director named Vince Marcello. This is also the reason why people love this movie.

This movie is based on the novel The kissing booth 2, and the writer of the book is Beth Reekles. The video released on 24th July 2020 on Netflix. The film received a lot of negative reviews from the critics, but critics called this movie the better version of its predecessors.

The Kissing Booth 2' Review: Netflix's YA Hit Gets a Sweeter ...
Source: IndieWire.com

The cast of the movie

The casting team is the primary factor in watching part 2 of the movie because the fans love these actors and want to watch them on film. Here is the list of all characters in the film.

Joey King played the role of Rochelle ‘Elle‘ Evans.

Joel Courtney played the role of  Lee Flynn.

Jacob Elordi played the role of  Noah Flynn.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers played the role of   Chloe Winthrop.

Taylor Perez played the role of Marco Peña.

Molly Ringwald played the role of Mrs. Flynn.

Meganne Young played the role of  Rachel.

Morné Visser played the role of  Mr. Flynn.

Bianca Bosch played the role of  Olivia.

Carson White played the role of  Brad.

Tyler Chaney played the role of   Stunts.

The plot of the movie

The plot of the movie should be good. This is the reason why the audience wants to watch the film. Suppose the content of the movie is not right, then why the crowd watches the video. So here is the plotline of the film so that you cannot miss the film.

The film revolves around the two characters, Elle and Noah, who are in a relationship, but after getting into different colleges, how their priorities changed.


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