Are We Going To Have The Next Run Of The Series?

The anime series Domestic Girlfriend managed to grab onto to a considerable amount of fanbase after the first season itself and now all we need to keep a lookout for is when the second season is releasing? Let us take a closer look at the possibilities of a second season happening anytime soon or not.

Is Anime Series Domestic Girlfriend Returning For Season 2 Or Not? Here’s What We Know.

Created by Kei Sasuga, the first season ended on a rather major cliffhanger thus keeping fans waiting for more. The twist also makes the possibility of the series returning all the more obvious. With the story waiting to unravel more about the leading characters, there’s more to watch.

The Show Has Not Yet Been Renewed For Season 2 Yet!

The show went on to become one of the most popular anime shows under the Crunchyroll banner. So, expect a renewal announcement soon coming our way. The studio has yet not made any official statements yet. While this animation series takes sweet time to complete production we might get to see the second season downtime around 2021. With the global pandemic attack, the whole process might have slowed down a bit.

Moreover, the first season ended with a huge cliffhanger with Natsuo’s wife and children face not revealed. This might be the plot twist that will be unveiled further in the next season. However, what is making fans eager is the fact the studio has yet not made any official announcement. We sue can’t wait for season 2!

Are We Going To See More Of Rui And Natsuo In The Next Season?

However, if the series returns for season 2 then we are expecting Rui to share more screen time with Natsuo because that is something fans would love to see. Moreover, with Hina and Natsuo parting ways we are sure that there’s more to look out for in the next chapter with Natsuo making things work with Rui or not? We sure are eagerly hoping for the studio to soon renew the story for yet another season so that we can know what’s next for them.


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