Breaking Bad El Camino Sequel: Possibiliies And Much More

While it seems like fans loved the film El Camino when it aired on the network, AMC. However, the film ended with a rather high cliffhanger that might have given fans some.ideas. One of the biggest ideas that the ending left behind is a possible sequel film soon enough!

Is There Going To Be a Sequel To El Camino? Here’s What We Know.

As we saw the film ended with Jesse Pinkman escaping the whole chaos out alive and going to Haines, Alaska, does this mean that the story has not ended yet and there’s more to come? Well, we would surely love to see the aftermath of the whole escape plan.

Aaron Paul Talks About The Ending Scene And What Happened To Jesse Pinkman After That!

However, when asked Aaron Paul about a possible sequel the actor gave a rather different answer altogether explaining how that is the exact ending that he wanted for Jesse. The fact that Jesse escaped the chaos and found some inner peace is exactly what the actor thinks is the apt end! So, is Jesse not coming back after all?

However, the actor did not negate the possibilities of a sequel, and fans still have some hope. The actor said that now it all depends on the writer and director Vince Gilligan! If he has a story then Aaron is all up for it! Moreover, the actor is pretty keen on working with the director more in the future so another sequel might be very well on the cards!

The Actor Might Be Interested In A Sequel After All!

Moreover, the actor went on to say that we would love to work with Gilligan on other projects along with the whole Breaking Bad project as well. Considering what a big hit the whole Breaking Bad franchise is, a sequel.might not be a bad idea as such. Moreover, we would love to know more about Jesse Pinkman’s after his escape to Haines! Well, we would surely get an update of the maker’s plan to get on board for a sequel. We sure would love that!


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