Dark Desire Season 2: What Could Possibly Happen In Sequel Season?

Netflix has a special place for some back to back far thriller series, Spanish series Dark Desire kept fans hooked with the twisted take of love, vengeance, and obsession. After the first season had a good run, fans are looking forward to the second season already! Let us take a closer look at the possibilities of another season happening!

Is Spanish Show, Dark Desire Coming Back For Season 2? Here’s What We Know.

However, while the streaming giant has yet not renewed the series, the first season did leave around a number of unresolved questions that left fans looking out for more! If you haven’t already seen the twisted story yet, here’s the trailer for you all to give a glimpse of what’s ahead!


The Streaming Giant Has Yet Not Renewed The Show For Season 2!

The first season did end with Brenda’s death which although was seen as suicide, it seems like there’s more to what the eyes see. Brenda’s death can be suicide considering all the confusion and love triangle that Brenda was stuck in. Moreover, we also got to know that Dario never really died in a fire and instead faked the whole death with Esteban! Except the duo to return and create havoc for others!

The first season also ended with Alma finally separating wit her husband, Leonardo. So, can we expect her old flame to return anything soon in season 2? There might be some shocking return right from the land of the dead! We might get an answer when Netflix announces the renewal status of the show.

Did Brenda Actually Commit Suicide Or There Is More To It?

Moreover, while there’s still no official confirmation about the show coming back for season 2 or not, we see sure that there’s still a lot to look forward as these characters are not done with their stories and neither are we! So, we hope Netflix soon renews this dak twisted show for all the good reasons! We sure are waiting to see how far this twisted story goes! The second season, if renewed, might get much darker this time!


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