Is He Suitable For Green Lantern After Fan Art Leaked

Keanu Reeves is having quite a busy year ahead with two big tentpole movies coming up in the coming years. The John Wick star had two back to back blockbusters and now it seems like fans have something more planned for the actor.

This Fan Have Created Art Featuring Keanu Reeves As The Green Lantern!

A fan has taken the liberty to create a beautiful fanart image featuring Keanu Reeves’ John Wick as a superhero Green Lantern. The digital artist, Mjhiblenart has created two art images and it looks pretty convincing enough. Take a look at the images that might be giving fans some convincing ideas for sure!

Take a Look At The Images Which Looks Pretty Convincing Enough!

Fans have not seen Keanu Reeves as a superhero in any of the films earlier and would love to see him starring as an invincible superhero in any of the studio films. The actor has three films lined up for release, out of which two are still in production. The actor has two big action flicks coming up along with a comedy film that is coming up sooner! The fans have surely given some thought into the whole art as it is excellent to look at!

While the Green Lantern movie failed to live up to the expectation and tanked at the box office, the HBO network is reportedly developing a new Green Lantern series. While nothing is official yet, two actors including Tom Cruise and Tyrese Gibson’s name come up for the leading role. However, no new name has come up yet, and neither the network has made any additional announcement.

HBO Is Reportedly Developing A Television Series On Green Lantern!

Now that a leading actor has not been finalized yet, we wonder whether these fan art images will be able to change the network’s mind! Honestly, we would surely love to see Keanu Reeves take on the armor of Green Lantern. That would be a great film to watch! As for now, fans are excited to see the next installment of The Matrix and John Wick with Reeves starring in both the flicks.


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