Juice WRLD’s Posthumous Album ‘Legends Never Die’ Is Here

Late rapper Juice Wrld album has been released titled “Legends Never Die,” and the much-awaited album has led to the crashing of all the major music streaming platforms. This album was much anticipated in the wake of his death, which happened six days after his 21st birthday.

But there were several albums he did before dying, and now they are getting released. Many rappers and singers like Eminem and Halsey have released their albums, and they did exceptionally well.

A New Track For The Fans

If we go to individual tracks, then life is a mess is one of the biggest hits of the juice world. He Collaborated with Halsey in this track, and this song here already millions of hits on YouTube Apple music Spotify and all other streaming platforms. His demise was deeply regretted by every fan as he was not only an accomplished singer, but he was way too young for leaving the planet.

Although he will be remembered this time, this album is going to make a landmark in his life post his death. This album has other forms, too, like righteous; tell me you love me and others which you can listen to music streaming platforms. He has also collaborated with Marshmallow and rapper trippie redd.


Of late his one of the biggest hit was with Eminem, titled Godzilla, and if you have heard the song, you must be knowing the impact of it. Another song title “Hate me” is also a great hit and has millions of views on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

Know About The Singer

He was a young man but made a huge impact on the music streaming industry, and it is evident from the fact that his sons were not only on the top when he was alive but also after his demise. He has had an overdose of some toxic substances, but he is going to live among all of us through his great music. His popularity can be assessed from the fact that just after the release, social media was flooded with screenshots of Spotify getting crashed.

So there are a lot of things to remember, and his demise will be the last thing to consider as his life was long, but it was large. At the young age of 21, when most of us are not even aware of our goals, Juice Wrld was doing albums with one of the greatest artists of his time. And this is no less of a huge achievement. This is something that is going to make his legacy grand.

His old songs like Bandit was a great hit and has been among one of the best songs of his career. Now that the new album has come, we are also exploring the best of best songs from it. There can’t be a song in this album, which isn’t going to be in a fan’s heart forever. So listen to the song and join the grand legacy of Juice Wrld, which is never going to die.


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