List Of TV Shows Set To Resume Their Production In Coming Months

Of late, a lot of things have happened in the world, and the COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all the industries, and to be precise, one of the worst affected 1is the cinematic world. Just after the advent of COVID-19 pandemic, almost all the filming related work has to stop, and virtually there was no work going on whatsoever.

Right after the announcement of a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, almost all the work has stopped because social distancing has to be practiced to contain the spread of the virus. The whole world was lockdown, so there was no possibility of continuing the filming process or, for that matter, anything related to producing a series or a movie. There are no series or films which haven’t stopped filming.

What’s The Production Updates Of the Series

Now the government has slowly tried to ease the lockdown measures, and the filming process is expected to restart. Since most of the Overseas travel is banned, there is no possibility of going to other places to start the filming process.

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Another bone of contention with the whole thing is the fact that it will not be possible to start the process without ensuring social distancing. But there are series like money Heist, which has finally launched the filming of the fifth season of the series in Madrid.

It is expected that Netflix will Resume the filming process of all the haunted TV series by September when things are supposed to ease a little. So it is going to be a long journey when things start to fall back in place. As fans, we all are expecting things to go back to normal, not for the sake of filming only but for the greater good of humanity.

It Is Very Risky To Start Production

Several movies were related to being completed by now, but they are also facing delays as it is too risky to start the production process. Even the producers are not ready to take the risk as they also care about the member of the cast and crew. Even when the production process will start, it will be of paramount importance to ensure social distancing and regular testing of cast and crew.

A broad plan regarding the norms for filming is underway so that there can be uniformity in the practices. In this regard, Los Angeles has issued some guidelines to revamp the production process as they have already suffered huge losses due to the delay.

Other Major Update

The production process has to be started, but there is certain reluctancy at the end of production companies also as they do not want to put the cast for the member of the crew into any danger.

So once the process restarts again, we can see our favorite series and movies, but for now, this is going to take a while. Once the production process starts, we will update the page with all the relevant details at our disposal. Till then, hold your horses and wait for new seasons to come up.


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