Possible Reasons Why There Won't Be A Sequel At All?

Joaquin Phoenix starrer movie Joker went on to become the biggest success under the DC Banner, the film not only grossed a huge box office collection but had a clear cut Oscar win as well. Now fans are wondering whether the studio is looking forward to another sequel movie or not!

Is There Going To Be A Sequel to Joker Movie After All? Here’s What We Know.

A sequel film has not yet been announced by the studio yet not considering what a huge success the first film was we might see more of Joaquin Phoenix as the clown prince.

The First Film Did Have An Open-Ended Conclusion.

The first film pretty much has an open-ended conclusion with Arthur managing to escape the near-death experience while fans saw someone killing both Martha and Thomas Wayne amidst the whole chaos in the city of Gotham. While the obvious answer was that the killer was Arthur himself, that might be true in this case!

Moreover, the end scene of the first film has left enough possibilities for a sequel movie. With Arthur escaping Akhram Mental Asylum, there are chances that that is the point from where the second movie will pick up the story from. So, fans might see Harley Quinn soon making an appearance. The sequel movie will most probably aim towards a face to.face encounter with the Dark Knight as well. The complicated equation that the first movie showed ha still left fans baffled with all these questions.

Todd Phillips Have Called Out These Claims Of A Sequel As Annoying!

However, co-writer and director Todd Phillips might have some other plans as he revealed in an interview that they never planned for a sequel and pitched the film as one movie project!

The director even said that all these claims of a potential sequel are pretty annoying! So, it seems like a sequel movie is not happening after all! Rod Phillips is not really quite on board with the whole idea, we wonder what the studio has to say about a sequel! We surely would have loved to see what’s next for the clown prince.


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