Riverdale Alum Vanessa Morgan Is Pregnant

The star of Riverdale named Vanessa Morgan announced that she is expecting a child, and she is pregnant. She married to MLB player Mplayer Michael Kopech. So, you can scroll down for the announcement. It has been a few months since she gets marries and now she is giving the good news to all. So read all the details about her pregnancy and get updated.

On this Friday afternoon, the actress announced that she is pregnant with her first child, and she surprised her fans by giving this fantastic news.

Here’s What She Revealed

All the fans and the audience are kept debating on each other about this topic, whether she is pregnant or not. But we don’t know that she gives us this news. We are surprised and in shock both by hearing this news. She also mentioned that she was also debating to keep this part of her life hidden, but she knows that people get to know eventually after seeing her pictures and belly.

Riverdale's Vanessa Morgan Is Pregnant, Expecting First Child with ...
Source: Just Jared.com

She announced this news as she wanted to tell everyone first, the audience and her fans. She also said that she doesn’t want to hide this news from the people. She also wants to keep this chapter of her life in a private and does not want to share this kind of story, but she was so happy with this news, and she was overjoyed it. Hence, this is the reason she told this news to every people.

When She Is Expecting The Baby

Moreover, she said this is a precious gift that’s he got from God, and she is expecting that she will be giving birth to a baby boy this January in the next year that is 2021.

She was also pointing to the baby that she does not believe that how much strength the baby is giving to her that she could open up with this news in the media. She is very fortunate that she got so much power and growth from the baby. She also said that she will be needing this and called her baby as an angel.

She said that God knows everything, and God gives this beautiful gift to her that she wants it so badly. In the end, she thanks God for its blessings.


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