Things You Should Know About Latest Horror Drama

Fans cannot get enough of the horror genre! While the spooky aspects scare us to death, the exciting stories are always eye-catching for all of us! A new horror show has made its way and fans just cannot miss the spine chilling stories of the paranormal world. Let us take a closer look at all the details.

Travel Channel’s Brand New Show Hotel Paranormal Is All About Real Life Paranormal Incidents! Here’s What We Know.

The new show titled Hotel Paranormal has released in the popular Travel Channel as Ghostbuster star Dan Aykroyd narrates nerve chilling stories of the other world and stories that will give you the thrill that you just might need it. Various people have come up to tell their stories when they were tormented by spirits!

The Show Explores Some Real Incidents While Staying In A Hotel Roon! Have a Look.

As the stories start with the explanation about how for every angel there’s a demon with wrong intentions.This brand new series of narrates real-life explores that are experienced by people while staying in a hotel room! The fact that these spine chilling stories are real makes it all the scarier! Let us take a look at the trailer to see what’s ahead of us in the spook show!


The Ghostbuster actor has been the perfect narrator who tells the stories of real live people reading from a salesman to people who went on a school trip only to experience paranormal activities. If you just love real-life ghost stories and looking forward to some spook stores, this is the perfect show for it! Moreover, the voice of Dan makes it all the more realistic as if we are there along with the narrator!

Ghostbuster Alum Dan Aykroyd Is The Narrator Of The Spook Show!

These stories are not just some random ramblings but also accompanied by expert opinion from various paranormal investigators who have gone through every detail of these stories. So, if you are brave enough to watch these paranormal stories then do give it a try! We sure are going to watch for the thrill factor.


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