We Rank 5 Best Mods For The Rockstar Studios Game

Grand Theft Auto game is everyone’s favorite, and fans are playing the game for years. I despise everything to recall the day when I played the game just because I was like WOW. This game looks real as the things and missions we can do are truly astonishing. The previous Grand Theft Auto game was unfathomably colossal and exciting.

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Iron Man Mod

While the amazing game gives you the choice of playing as three cunning lawbreakers, You can also become a superhero as the Iron Man mod gives you a choice to play as the Iron Man.

It is interminably fun flying around Los Santos in the Iron Man suit and shooting out photon pillars from your blaster with a wonderful sound.

Zombies Mod

Do you love watching Zombies, Movies, and shows? Now you can get Zombies in your games too. Fans will love this magnificent mod, which adds crowds of the undead to Los Santos. While adding zombies to the universe of GTA 5 would typically be reason enough to suggest a mod, the way that this extra highlights endurance components (counting the capacity to begin and deal with a camp) truly separates it.

Complex Control

This mod place you in the shoes of a procedurally created Avatar who must fight against NPCs in a regularly contracting map – sound recognizable? Enlivened by the best fight royale games, and fusing maverick light components to keep things fascinating, Complex Control is a fantastically fun and moving expansion to the game.

Hulk Mode

What’s superior to playing as Iron Man in the Hulkbuster? Playing as the very being, the Hulkbuster was intended to battle: The Hulk.

The Hulk is one of the most famous Avengers and shows improvement over any other individual in mainstream society: Smash.

You can Hulk Smash your way through Los Santos in GTA 5, jump over tall structures in a solitary bound and cause an indecent measure of ruin.

Gravity Run Mode

From the second Valve put the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, controlling articles in zero-G has been a go-to include for pretty much every modding network. This is GTA V’s Gravity Gun mod, and it does precisely what you anticipate that it should. Watch out for flinging vehicles.


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