What Advice She Got From Christopher Nolan About The Role?

Anne Hathaway is an A-List Hollywood actress who had done many types of movies and received many awards. Earlier she played the role of Catwoman in the superhero movie Dark Knight Rises. She did a lot of hard work to play the part and later she received appreciation for her performance. But before filming for the movie, the director of the film Christopher Nolan gave advice to the star. So keep reading to know about it:

Christopher Nolan’s Advice For Anne Hathaway

The star Anne Hathaway opened up about this whole incident during the interview with Variety and she talked with Wolverine star Hugh Jackman about it. So she said that before the shooting of Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan said her to become stronger. To portray the character of Catwoman she needs to look stronger.

So before she starts shooting for Dark Knight rises, Hathaway did training to build strength. Nolan said that her appearance is not the issue and he just wanted to make her fit.

Anne Hathaway
Source: Washington Post

Nolan Wanted Hathaway To Perform Her Own Stunts

The main reason he wanted that Hathway would make herself fit is that she can do her own stunts by herself. Nolan told Hathway that he wanted her to done as much of the stunt work. But we have to accept that Hathway did a lot of hard work which everyone noticed in the movie. Hathway also makes a big revelation during the interview.

She said that Nolan doesn’t allow chairs on the set of the movie because he didn’t want that the stars will feel lazy.

Anne Hathaway As Catwoman

Anne Hathaway played the role of Selina Kyle / Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises. Catwoman is an antiheroine and she uses a bullwhip for a weapon. During the time of audition Hathaway not know that she is selected for playing the role of Catwoman. Alongside Hathaway, the movie stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman
Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, etc.

The main villain of the movie is Bane which was played by Tom Hardy. Dark Knight Rises was very much successful at the box office and received appreciation from the critics also.


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