What’s The Possible Air Date For This Comedy Series

The comedy-drama Avenue 5 managed to gain popularity right from its inception in HBO. Moreover, fans seem to love the quirky plot of the story and it also saw the return of our very own Dr. House! However, not that the first season is over, is there going to be a second season?

Comedy Drama Avenue 5 Has Been Renewed For Season 2 By HBO! Here’s All About It.

The comedy-drama Avenue 5 starring Hugh Laurie in the leading role along with other big names such as Josh Gad, Lenora Crichlow, and Suzy Nakamura. These characters managed to create a comic ambiance despite the fact that the cruise that they are on is stranded and might no return on earth for decades! Take a look at the social media post made about the announcement.

The Creator Of The Show Shared Some Big Insights!

Well, fans must be happy to know that the show has officially been renewed for season 2! Just weeks after the show launched, creator Armando Iannucci revealed that he is already working in the second part of the show. Moreover, he seems to have given fans some updates on what might happen in the second season of the stranded mishap on the cruise!

While the creator went on to say how he has pretty much mapped out the story and how it will proceed further, doing all this during the pandemic can be a bit challenging considering that the makers have no idea under what circumstances these will be made or broadcast. What is troublesome is adjusting to this kind of uncertainty! Expect a similar kind of humor and silliness as shown in season 1!

Is The Whole Cast From Season 1 Returning?

However, he further did not disclose any details about the plot of season 2 and was pretty tight-lipped about it. Although it seems like there might be no delay as far as production is concerned until now. It still depends on how fast the network gets back in production mode. However, Hugh Laurie is the only confirmed cast member who is reportedly returning to reprise his role in season 2! We sure are eagerly waiting.


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