Will There Be A Potential Sequel?

The last Red Dead Redemption game was a huge success overnight with fans loving how the whole game met the sky-high expectations of game fanatics! However, is there going to be a potential sequel after that, or that’s pretty much the end of it? Let us take a look at all the possibilities of a sequel.

Is There Going To Be Red Redemption 2 Anytime Soon? Here’s What We Know.

While the franchise has been a high success story, it is pretty unlikely that there is going to be a potential sequel to it. There are several reasons that might point to the fact that the Rockstar studio might not want to continue with the story after all!

There Might Be No Sequel Game In The Franchise After All! Have a Look.

However, it is no secret that the first two games took a long time before releasing so even if there’s going to be a sequel then it might take some time considering how complicated these games get with the advanced technology in motion.

Moreover, most importantly the story around which the family was vases uoin was pretty much resolved in the last game itself. The iconic story of Van Der Linde has been wrapped up with John Marston making it at the final to the Wild West Era while struggling with his past. With the story getting resolved, the makers really have no other reason to come back for yet another sequel game. If they do, they need to either go back to the past or create a new story altogether.

The Story Of The Original Game Franchise Is Resolved In The Last One Itself.

With Rockstar studio having many other projects down the line including the Grand Auto Theft franchise, we might not see a sequel game from the Red Redemption franchise anytime soon enough. While the franchise has been a big monetary success, we wonder whether the makers would like to make another one. Even if there’s going to be another one, there might be an official announcement from the makers. We sure would love to have another from the franchise!


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