50 Cent Defends His Controversial Remark on Angry Black Women

50 Cent has come under fire after he made a controversial remark about angry black women back in July. Previously, he made a comment about angry black women that left everyone furious.

In his statement, he said that they’re upset about him having exotic girlfriends. Of course, this remark of his got a lot of backlash on social media. Besides, 50 Cent now decided to defend himself and explain what he really meant.

50 Cent explains why he made that controversial remark

The 45-year-old rapper made the controversial comment on Lil Wayne’s radio show, Young Money Radio. Since he said the statement in early July, 50 Cent has been subjected to constant backlash and comments.

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Recently, he cleared the air and revealed what he exactly meant. He explained that what he actually said was that when a person is from somewhere else, the communication’s different because of their different walks of life.

The rapper faced tons of backlash for calling black women not exotic

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Besides, 50 Cent added that once he made the remark, many women were left angry and upset. Moreover, many of the women commented saying that you (50 Cent) don’t think black girls are exotic. Further explaining his comment, the rapper said that he meant a lot of women (in general) seem angry when they see a black man with someone other than African-American women.

Lil Wayne’s daughter stood up for Black women on social media

The rapper’s comment on Lil Wayne’s show went viral and started loads of controversy like quickfire. A number of people didn’t like that Lil Wayne too joined into the conversation and frequently laughed. But it seems like Lil Wayne’s 21-year-old daughter Reginae Carter didn’t find the conversation funny, at all.

In fact, she took to her Twitter account and tweeted that she’s black, beautiful, enough, exotic, amazing, and one of my kind. She then proceeded to ask where her beautiful black queens are.

50 Cent’s ex Vivica blasts him saying he can’t handle a black woman


Not only that but Vivica A. Fox also had something to say about her 50 Cent’s comment. The two briefly dated back in 2003 for four months before breaking it off. It’s clear that she didn’t find the comment funny and went totally off bashing him.

Fox said that he wouldn’t want anyone to challenge and talk to him and instead wants someone to be a pretty little dog. Ouch. 50 Cent then posted and deleted a clip of the same and wrote that Fox is still in love with him.


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