600+ Roles And Still Counting! A New Record?

Fans must have seen this actor working with Keanu Reeves, to playing an important role in the hit film franchise, The Kung Fu Panda to even making an appearance in comedy sitcom, Seinfeld. This actor has a record of playing more than 600 roles in his career.

The Man With As Many As 600 Roles: James Hong! Here’s What We Know.

Yes, no points for guessing we are talking of James Hong! This actor has indeed lived life king-size with more than 600 roles and counting. Kids love him as the noodle enthusiastic Mr. Ping. He made us all laugh in Seinfeld as well.

The Actor Has Started His Career By Impersonating In Television Shows.

While the actor has so many roles in his credit, that was definitely not something that was planned for him initially. Much to his parents’ liking,  actor James Hong did his civil engineering from The University of Southern California. However, he went on to try his luck in acting and comedy alike.

The actor got his big break on the television show, You Bet Your Life, hosted by Groucho Marx. His appearance was a huge hit and people loved him doing impersonations of Groucho, James Cagney. The actor was so popular that he soon landed his role in a film back in 1995! He has even set up a theatre for young talent and actors like Randall Park, George Takei, John Cho, Daniel Dae Kim are all a part of this theatre.

The Actor Has Worked On Several Iconic Films And Series Overtime!

The actor has not let any restrictions from the Hollywood industry limit his abilities as an actor. Although the actor himself confessed that Asian actor was not really a part of the mainstream roles, it definitely not the case for Hong as he went on to do as many as 600 projects, and we wonder what a versatile acting skill this man must possess! Moreover, in order to make sure that American Asian actors get a fair chance, he actually set up an Asian American acting group in Los Angeles as well. James Hong is a living legend indeed!


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