Amber Heard Colourful Shades on Haters with a Bare Chest and no mask look

After a lot of allegations and controversies of social media, Amber Heard has allegedly decided to snapback. She was recently called names after she entered a mosque showing a little too much of her. 

Well, she seems to be dealing with all of it on her own. 

Amber Heard Flaunts Colors on other People’s Opinion

Amber Heard is currently in Istanbul. She seems to be taking a break from all the divorce battle with Johnny Depp. She posted a picture of herself enjoying the sun and the unique background of umbrellas. 

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Well, Heard is letting people know that she is not taking in any shade thrown her way by the people’s opinion with her witty caption. 

No Mask Look gets no Appreciation 

Heard has been posting quite a few pictures of her trip to Istanbul. She is going around the city, looking around at beautiful mosques. While she was sharing photos. Some fans noticed that she seems to have forgotten that the pandemic is not over yet. 

Many fans pointed out that she wasn’t seen wearing a face mask in crowded places. But, she shunned them too. She posted a picture of herself wearing a face mask and wrapped a scarf over her head. 

Restricted Instagram after Hate Comments 

Twitteratis recently slammed Amber Heard after she shared a picture of herself standing in front of a mosque. She wore a scarf over her head and an off-white shirt and a shrug. 

Even though the picture looked pretty innocent, fans noticed that few of her nipples were showing from the shirt. And people picked on that. They called her “disrespectful” for entering a mosque without covering herself appropriately. 

She later limited the comments on her Instagram posts.

The divorce got too Much Attention 

Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has been in the news a lot because of her controversial divorce with ex-husband Johnny Depp. While she accused Depp of domestic abuse, Depp has denied all charges. He has sued a British newspaper as well for calling him “wife-beater.” 


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