Angelina Jolie's Motive to Act in The One and Only Ivan

Angelina Jolie, an American actress by profession who is also a humanitarian and filmmaker, is always applauded for her goo work. But not forgetting her good deeds that are majorly responsible for making her the most loved actress has taken her where she is today. We all know that Angelina is fond of children, which is why she has adopted two them, But now lest see what’s the news with her biological daughter.

Shiloh’s desire to make Angelina act

In a recent interview, the 55-year-old stunning and slaying actress talked about her biological daughter Shiloh. Shiloh, who is 14-year-old, is fond of Disney world. Being a child, she is normally attracted to what other children of her age capture and ingrain. Angelina said that she is acting “The one and Only Ivan” only because of her child Shiloh. It was Shiloh’s influence that drew Angelina to act in the show.

the Gushing Bond

In a recent interview with extra, Angelina confessed to the bond she shares with her daughter Shiloh. Her words reflected that both daughter and mother are hearts and souls to each other. Angelina added that Shiloh read the book and found it interesting. She also attends that they both read it together and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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 the Slaying character of Ivan

Jolie state that the character Ivan in the film is the most relatable one. He has a different personality altogether. A different side of him that is least exposed. Ivan is artistic thus is a painter at heart.

Angelina says that the public and she would relate to Ivan as we all are artistic in some of the other forms. We keep on hiding our identities, and sometimes we end up being pretentious. But there is always a different side which we do not show to the world.

Her Children is Her World

Jolie also remarked in the interview that her life revolves around her children. She loves them all equally, and it is only them who truly know who she is and how she is. She says that others might have a different perception of her, to which she does not care as long as her children are with her.

For your information, Shiloh is the only biological child of Angelina, whereas, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and twins Vivienne and Knox are her adopted children.



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