Bella Hadid Shares Insights On Invisible Lyme Disease

From a distance, the celebrity life seems perfect and almost like a fairytale. But they are pretty much just like us. And similar is the case with supermodel Bella Hadid. She recently took to Instagram stories to open up about Lyme disease. 

Bella Hadid Shares her Experience of Lyme Disease 

The supermodel Bella Hadid recently posted a bunch of stories for her 32.5 million followers on Instagram. She talked about her experiences with Lyme disease. And how it takes a toll on her every day. 

The 23-year-old posted a graphic that had many of the symptoms of the disease posted. She revealed that she has been going through most of them ever since she was just 14. 

Brother Shares the Same Symptoms

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Bella further wrote that on an everyday basis, she goes through at least ten of the symptoms. And these include insomnia, anxiety, confusion, and a lot more.

Brother Anwar Hadid also has the same issues as her. However, Gigi Hadid was never diagnosed with the disease.

Mama Broke the News in a Gala 

Their mother, Yolanda Hadid, first revealed the news of both Anwar and Bella, who has chronic Lyme disease. She spoke about it at the Global Lyme Alliance Gala in 2015. 

During her speech, she said that both of her youngest children were diagnosed in 2012. They both were strong throughout but watching them suffer broke her. 

She further revealed that neither of them ever complained about anything as they didn’t want her to worry. 

New Addition to the Family Coming next Month 

The Hadid-Malik family is growing. The news broke out earlier this year that Gigi Hadid was pregnant with Zayn Malik‘s baby. Gigi kept her pregnancy as lowkey as possible throughout the period. However, Mama Hadid did reveal that she is due in September this year. 

Gigi recently shared pictures of her baby bump on her Instagram. 


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