Bella Thorne Had Duped Her Fans and Enraged Sex Workers on OnlyFans

People around the world are going berserk as Bella Thorne has been raising millions and millions of dollars with her OnlyFans account. However, it was only last week when Bella had joined the social media platform. Moreover, this social media platform is essentially subscription-based. Nonetheless, Bella Thorne had been charging a hefty amount of $200 for three packs of apparently sultry photos.

Bella Thorne OnlyFans account

Bella Thorne Duped Her Fans

Moreover, Bella Thorne had also insinuated that the packs would also be including her nudes. However, her nudes weren’t there in those packs. Hence Bella’s fans were enraged for being duped and lied to. Meanwhile, Bella Thorne recently stated that she has already earned 2 million dollars. Nonetheless, the enraged subscribers have requested a refund.

Things Turning Bad for Bella

However, things seem to take a worse turn for Bella Thorne as the other girls on OnlyFans started protesting. According to the other girls who had been selling pictures of their body on the social media platform, OnlyFans has changed the rules for Bella Thorne. Moreover, these girls claim that Bella Thorne has made it harder for them to earn money.

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Sex Workers are Enraged at Bella Thorne

Moreover, these sex workers have started claiming that they can only charge $50 when once upon a time, they could charge as much as $200. However, lots of people are speculating that the change in payout plans had essentially been because of Bella Thorne. Moreover, the sex workers are pissed as the original seven days.

Bella Thorne’s Claim to me Research Movie

However, Bella Thorne had claimed that she had been raising the money for a research film including OnlyFans. According to Bella Thorne, the amount she had raised had been for her research documentary film. However, according to the director about whom Bella had mentioned had denied making any such movie. The director had even claimed that in no way is he associated with Bella Thorne.


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