Birds Of Prey Alum Jurnee Smollett Shown Interest In Black Canary TV Series

Actress Jurnee Smollett who impressed us all with her acting abilities in the newly release DC movie, Birds Of Prey, opens up about her career plans and the possibilities of her small screen debut.

Birds Of Prey Alum Jurnee Smollett Talk About Her Future Career Plans. Here’s What We Know.

While talking about the possibilities of her making it into the small screen, she shows her interest in appearing in the Black Canary television show. Smollett has received some rave reviews as her portrayal of Black Canary in Birds Of Prey.

Birds Of Prey Alum Jurnee Smollett Is Interested In Starring The Black Canary Show.

While promoting her new series titles Lovecraft Country in HBO, the actress opens up about how she could love to be a part of the Black Canary series on a small screen. She describes the character as a dream character and how she loved to play in on the big screen. She is already busy with the ongoing HBO series and won’t mind featuring in another one.

While the DCEU film received mixed reviews and fans thought that Harley Quinn’s character was given the maximum focus on the film, however, the chances of one of the actress form the film playing the lead role in one of the ongoing DCEU superhero shows. Nevertheless, fans would have loved to see Smollett in the show. The actress had a good run in the film which was despite the box office collection, received great critical reviews.

Birds Of Prey Alum Jurnee Smollett Calls The Character Her Dream Project.

While the actress is pretty interested in being on board, however, the chances are pretty slim enough considering the film tanked at the box office and also whtwjr the studio will be interested in letting some of the leading actress doing a small screen presence. However, we would wonder how the actress would do in the small screen show that is already creating a buzz amongst superhero fanatics.


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