Brie Larson Just Revealed That She Has Auditioned For Most Of The Star Wars Movies

Marvel Cinematic Universe is a collector item for many superstars, and they are even known for their respective roles in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr got a massive recognition after his successive strings of roles in MCU as Iron Man. He is one of the highest-paid actors in the world and keeps on clinching more projects. But there are some other actors and actresses who made their way to Marvel and even clinched a standalone for themselves. Captain Marvel Brie Larson got a major boost in terms of popularity after she played a crucial part in ending movies of the third phase of Marvel. 

Brie Larson Unveils Some Secrets

Recently, it is apparent that the Covid-19 tends to confine humans in their homes and celebrities having different feelings with the fact that they are residing in their homes. However, they are getting plenty of time to interact with their fans and tell them their dirty secrets to made serious confessions. Brie Larson also asserted various facts and disclosed some of her past experiences of the early days of auditioning. She just started her youtube channel and interacts with people in her first video. Let’s take a look at this 20-min long featuring Brie Larson. 


Auditioned For Star War Movie

She confessed on her live video that she tried to clinch a role in Stars Wars: Rogue One. She discussed it with screenwriter Gary Whitta that she worked upon the script, and Brie auditioned for it but didn’t get the role. She also disclosed the fact that she was all out for the roles in The Hunger Games and Terminator Reboot Dark Fate. 

But don’t worry, Brie, you are now Captain Marvel, and it must be proud of you. Meanwhile, the sequel of Captain Marvel is in early development and halted due to Covid-19 restrictions. 


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