Britney Spears Officially Asks Court to Remove Dad’s Control over Her Life

Britney Spears has made a big decision and asked the court to remove her dad’s control over her life. The singer’s dad, Jamie Spears has identified as her legal adviser for the longest time ever — 12 years.

Britney’s mental health concerns are no mystery to anyone and have been all up on the Internet. Her father had control over a number of aspects of her life as well as her career. The singer, however, made news as she recently asked the court to not return her father this right.

Britney’s conservatorship case details will remain hidden from the public eye

Jamie Spears

According to the documents, Spears’ requested to curb James ‘Jamie’ Spears as her sole conservator. Moreover, the next day L.A. Judge Brenda Penny granger the motion to seal the hearing and transcripts. In detail, the status hearings regarding the case will be closed to the media and public from now onwards. Britney has not had control over her personal and professional life since 2008. Following her public unraveling in ‘08, her father got legal guardianship over her.

The singer’s fans supported her with the hashtag #FreeBritney

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Free Britney protest

The 38-year-old singer’s father stepped aside from the role of her court appointed guardian in 2019. Apparently he claimed that he’s going through his own health problems at the time. Recently, fans of the singer and Gen-Z started an online campaign #FreeBritney to literally free her from her father’s hold.

Britney prefers Montgomery over her father Jamie

Jamie Spears and Jodi Montgomery

In 2019, while Britney’s father stepped down from the role, Jodi Montgomery stepped into his shoes. The temporary, licensed professional conservator has been in charge of her personal and professional activities since last year.

According to the newly filed documents, the singer has requested to name Montgomery as her permanent legal guardian. The document also reads that she strongly prefers Jodi along with financial experts to look after her estate.

the court has turned a blind eye to Britney’s plea…for now

Britney Spears Court Hearing

However, a hearing that took place on August 19 revealed that no changes are made to Britney’s conservatorship status yet. Her lawyer, Samuel Ingham has the chance to file another petition till the 18th of September.

Shortly after fans started the #FreeBritney movement, Jamie made a statement. He said that the world has no clue and don’t know anything. Before adding that the decision of what’s best his daughter’s (Britney) up to the court of California.


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