Bryan Cranston Shocking Relevations About Coronavirus

Iconic television series Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston informed that he has recovered from her mild symptoms coronavirus which included mild headache and loss of smell and taste. The actor has been updating fans and asked them to be aware as well and follow all the important safety measures.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston Is all Well And Recovered From The Symptoms Of COVID-19!

The actor is not only well and has fully recovered but has also donated his plasma in the hope of making antibodies which in turn will help others to fight with the deadly disease. The actor made the announcement via an Instagram video while wearing a mask. It is a short video of the actor reminding fans to be careful during this time of acute crisis all around the world.

The Actor Has Donated His Plasma For Further Research Into The Making Of Antibodies.

The actor who was seen all hail and hearty was updating fans about his health status along with documenting the donation process that is currently going on in blood and plasma center run by the University of California at Los Angeles. Take a look at the video that the actor uploaded on social media.

Cranston said that earlier he suffered some of the symptoms of Coronavirus including tightness and unease in the chest, mild headache along with loss of sense of taste and smell. The actor also wrote a caption urging people to wear the mask, clean your hands, and maintain social distancing at all costs. He considered himself one of the lucky ones who have fully recovered without any further complications.

Cranston Has Uploaded A Video On Social Media Giving Fans Updates.

Apart from Cranston, even Hollywood star Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were also COVID positive and have fully recovered after proper health supervision under the authorities. Some other actors have also been tested positive who all have luckily survived and are practicing social distancing during this global health crisis. Some of these actors have donated plasma for further research on the process of making antibodies. We hope their help does not go into waste.


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