Check Details About The Relationship Rumors Of Selena Gomez And Niall Horan

The world-famous pop star Selena Gomez faced many ups and downs in her relationship. She has dated many celebrities like Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Weeknd, etc. The star also linked with the popular singer Niall Horan multiple times. Now the fans of both stars really wanted to know if they are really dating each other or not. So keep reading to catch all the details about their rumored relationship:

Rumors Of Selena Gomez And Niall Horan’s Relationship

All the things started back in 2015 when both Selena and Niall spotted together and it was reported that they also got close with each other. But at that time, Selena said that she was not dating Niall and friend-zoned him. But nothing ended here as back in 2019, the rumors of their relationship started again. They spotted together soon after Selena’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber married with Hailey Baldwin. Here’s an Instagram post in which Gomez and Horan are together:

Even earlier Horan also said that Gomez was his initial celebrity crush. He also finds Selena Gomez very cute.

Selena Gomez Gave A Shoutout To Niall Horan

After both singers spotted together doing dinner with their friends then Gomez also gave a shoutout to Niall Horan for his new song Nice to Meet Yaa. Then after that Horan also mentioned Gomez in a story so these things fueled the relationship rumors. Their fans started thinking that they are dating each other. But fans don’t get the clarity on their relationship.

Are They Really Dating Each Other?

So the singer Niall Horan has already opened up about the rumors of his relationship with Selena Gomez. When his fans started a petition for seeing who wanted Niall and Selena in a relationship, so he replied that ‘here we go again’ and then added that he and Gomez have the same group of friends and he knows her from a very long time and he’s not dating her.

So their relationship rumors are false and in the reality both the singers are just very good friends. Niall Horan is now dating Amelia Woolley and Selena Gomez is single.


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