Daisy Coleman From Audrie & Daisy Dies At 23

It seems that there are still many disasters, mishappenings and bad news left for all of us to witness in 2020. There is no single day to our relief that we could say that something good is taking place. And now these were not enough, that another disheartening news was poured upon us.

She Became Popular In Netflix’s Audrie And Daisy

Daisy Coleman who was a known physical assault advocate has died by suicide. The actress became popular after being a part of a docu-series titled Audrie And Daisy which was based on Coleson and a girl named Audrie. Coleson was a teen physical assault survivor who claimed to have been physically abused at a party when she was just 14 years old.

And since then she was trying to become stronger and overcome from the trauma. The exact reason for taking such a drastic step didn’t turn out but it was mainly that the 23-year-old actress was not able to handle the trauma she was going through despite the treatment.

Daisy Coleman
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Her Journey Was Not Very Easy

Coleman’s journey after that incident was not at all an easy one wherein the society constantly outlasted at her and also criticized the girl only rather than showing sympathy to her. After her show launched, Coleman also started with an organization to help prevent physical molestation among teens and help them out as much as possible named Safe Before Anyone Else or SafeBAE.

It is not the first time that Coleman tried to die by suicide when she was 16 years old because of getting bullied in school and that trauma was nit bearable. Her mother was left devastated after being informed about this news because she was her daughter and now she is no more with her.

Coleman’s Mother Confirmed The News

Coleman’s mother was the one informing the world with this sad news on her social media handle. She says that her daughter was everything to her, who was a strong child that has seen really tough days in her life since her childhood.

All of Coleman’s near and dear ones, fans, and her docu-series cast and crew were left devastated on receiving such shocking news and they were all disheartened that she ended up her life. We all can feel the pain the trauma that she might have gone through and now we only pray that she is in a better place. Her mother and her family get the strength to come out from the loss and may her soul rest in peace.


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