Dua Lipa Accidentally Refers To Blake Shelton As Gwen Stefani’s Husband

You might have seen many bloopers in the making of TV shows and movies. But have you seen any blooper live?

The same thing happened when Dua Lipa was interviewing Gwen Stefani while hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live. The former one mistakenly said something that made the singer awkward and the viewers in laughter.

Blake Shelton – Stefani’s Husband?

Lipa was talking to Stefani about the quarantine period she is living with Blake Shelton in his Oklahoma ranch. Lipa accidentally referred Blake as Stefani’s husband. Isn’t that a funny thing to say on a live TV show.

Well, the singer’s face was definitely something to look at, but she took it in a light manner. She took this matter in a funny way and corrected Lip about the same. Stefani further said that it sounded cool to her being referred to as Blake Shelton’s wife.

The Conversation


If you look at the above conversation, you would get to hear what exactly Lipa said to Stefani. Lipa asked Stefani,’ So I discovered that you have been spending quarantine with your husband Blake Shelton in Oklahoma,’ She further added,’ Who else was with both of you? How was the experience?’

By this time Lipa had already said something that was irrelevant yet funny for the viewers. To this Stefani definitely took a short pause to digest what was said. But soon she replied,’ Um, well, Blake Shelton is not my husband but that seemed cool when you said it.’

Both the ladies further discussed many interesting things and even played a rapid-fire round that was not less than a delight for the live audience. Stefani revealed that her parents guided her at very crucial period in her youth. She also said that she was sweet and an innocent child when she was young.

Has Stefani Ever Forgotten Her Lyrics?

The next interesting thing that asked to Stefani was about her live performances. Lipa asked her whether she has ever forgotten the lyrics on the stage. The singer replied with yes and said that she sometimes feel proud of her for remembering the complete lyrics of the song.


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